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So you want to compete?

Want to COMPETE?

Are you thinking about competing?  I'm trying to get a crew together to compete this April.  I already have 3 people so step up to the stage, you know you want to .  And I can help you make it an amazing experience. The biggest mistake  people make is hire people who are not experienced because its cheaper or try to do it on their own.  There is so many details it can be so overwhelming.  Just beause someone is a trainer does not mean they know what to do.  And make sure you hire someone who has actually won or had people who have won.  Well I have done both.  Not only have I won 2 best awards but I have had a client win one also.   I give you all my attention.  I make sure your comfortable before you walk on stage.  And I am back stage with you to make sure.  

Contest prep

I take you through every step. 

Diet and exercise plan with posing coaching included.  Do you know when to water load? Can you spread your lats? I can help. Besides being a pro, I also won 2 best poser awards. I Have helped my clients win and even had a client win the best poser award.  I make sure your ready before you walk on stage.

From day one to walking on stage 

 - $995

-This includes a diet exercise plan with posing coaching and weekly progress check-ins, also if your show is under 5 hour drive I will go to the show with you..  Trust me the first time you need a lot of help.  And for all of my clients I love to be there with them on the big day.

Posing coaching

This is for when you don't need diet or exercise advice.  But your not sure about posing.  

$50 for hour

$30 for half an hour

*HOWEVER if you are a client of mine who trains at least two times a week, I include coaching and.