Buff Daisy Fitness

Sweat Therapy

From  a Gym Membership to Tanning.  

You have so many options.  

Gym membership

New Member sessions "sign up fee"

-Are you afraid to walk in the gym?

-Have no idea what the machines do?

Don't worry.  Every member can get "New Member sessions" these are 2 hour training sessions for $20.  These sessions are to ensure you know how to use the machines so you don't hurt yourself and so you feel confident and comfortable in the weight room. This is a $60 savings.  Usually personal training for 2 hours cost between $80-$100.  This fee can be waived if you do not need the help.  

Options for joining.

Passes -with no contract or commitment 

-1 Day pass-$5 

-1 Week pass- $15

-1 Month pass $30

-1 class pass-$5


All memberships are due at the beginning of the month. If the membership is paid latter than the 5th a late fee of $5 is applied.  Each member is allowed to have 1 guest free per month.  

-Individual membership $20

-Family membership is $20 for adults and $15 per each child.  The cap for a family is  $70.  

Tanning Membership
Members to the gym only pay $9 per month
Non members to the gym pay $20 per month
for unlimited tanning.
there is a lay down and a stand up bed.

*tanning is only available during staffed hours.

       MON-THURS 9 am-8 pm

       FRI 9 am-3 pm

       SAT & SUN by appointment only

Silver and Fit Membership
We are proud to say that Buff Daisy Fitness is a qualified Silver and Fit fitness center. Improved fitness is a better way of life. After all, regular physical activity is one of the best ways to improve your health.