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As a team we are all here to help and support you.  To us you are all like family and welcome every fitness level.  Everyone stated somewhere. Even experts where once an amateurs.

Daisy Williams-Mangieri
Hello! I'm the owner of the gym.   
I have a NASM certification in Specialization in Nutrition and as a personal trainer.  all though I have only been a trainer 13 years, I have been very dedicated to fitness since high school. I'm a WNBF pro and WNBA pro bodybuilder. And have also coached other competitors for stage.  As a full time working mom I understand how hard it is to fit working out into a busy life.  Your goals alone are the only ones that matter and I make them mine. 

           So let me tell you a little about why I truly love fitness.  Exercise literally saved my life.  As a young girl I had real self esteem issues. I searched for different ways to try to feel better about myself with no success.  The 92 pound 18 year old girl in the white hatted herself.  I was obsessed with being skinny and food was the enemy.  I truly believed that if I "just lost 5 more pounds" I would like me and be happy with what I saw in the mirror.  Then I met heavy weight training and bodybuilding and realized 

-food is fuel.

-It is a way to nourish your body, to help you achieve your goals.  

-It is not the enemy or a lost friend. 

-The replacement for a lover or a love lost.  

Now I love me, love my gains, love my fat, and love what I see in the mirror.  That's what I try to inspire in others, the idea that weight training can help fix many of the self-esteem problems we hide.  The potential to love what you see in the mirror starts with finding what you love about you and focusing.  

It might just help you heal you.  As as I always say "trust me your worth the work."

Tracy Gorsline 

I am a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, and granddaughter first and foremost. The gym is something I do for me that makes me better for all of them.  Fitness should be about feeling good and being healthy not about being skinny.  My favorite part about working at the gym is making fitness fun.  We all have our struggles with fitness and coming together as a group makes it easier to overcome and defeat them.  I feel my job is to help each member feel better about themselves for themselves.  

Kylee Hillis

I'm a mom of 4 wonderful active girls.  One of my strongest passions is fitness!  A healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul all work together to create the best you.  Muscles are sexy! Come lift with me...and create the best you!


Bio coming soon

Hi I'm Morgan!

I'm excited to continue to be a part of this community 😊 I grew up and graduated from Newark Valley and have made my home here again after graduating college. I attended SUNY Oneonta and graduated with a bachelors degree in dietetics (nutrition). I started my yoga journey about a year ago and at the time it was more for the mental benefits, I was feeling stuck with where I was in my life, I had a lack of energy and lack of love and trust in myself. The moment I stepped onto my mat and into my body my life was changed forever. I knew I wanted to teach others and offer what my yoga teachers have offered to me. It's a gift that keeps on giving<3 Everyday I continue to learn more about myself, love myself more, have more confidence in myself and more trust in roads where life takes me. The physical benefits are amazing as well! I took and graduated from a 200 hour teacher training program though Yoga Body Institute at Yoga Body Shop. 

Let's have some fun!