Buff Daisy Fitness

Sweat Therapy


The prices are low to keep the gym open to everyone.  The weight room and aerobic classes are included in the monthly membership's and passes.  

The different ways to join.

Passes -with no contract or commitment 

-1 Day pass-$5 

-1 Week pass- $15

-1 Month pass $30

-1 class pass-$5

Membership - There is no sign up fee or processing fees.  All memberships are due at the beginning of the month. If the membership is paid latter than the 5th a late fee of $5 is applied.  Each member is allowed to have 1 guest free per month.  

-Individual membership $20

-Family membership is $20 for first two people and $5 off each additional person after.  The cap for a family is  $70.  

New Member sessions

-Are you afraid to walk in the gym?

-Have no idea what the machines do?

Don't worry.  Every member can get "New Member sessions" these are 2 hour training sessions for $20.  These sessions are to ensure you know how to use the machines so you don't hurt yourself and so you feel confident and comfortable in the weight room. This is a $60 savings.  Usually personal training for 2 hours cost between $80-$100.

Silver and Fit Membership
We are proud to say that Buff Daisy Fitness is a qualified Silver and Fit fitness center. Improved fitness is a better way of life. After all, regular physical activity is one of the best ways to improve your health.