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Beach Body Bootcamp Starts 4/3/17

Beach Body Bootcamp

The program cost $40 per week and is 8 weeks long. Each group is 4-8 people. However if you pay for the 8 weeks up front you get the last week free.  So that makes the cost only $35 instead of $40.  

Beach Body Bootcamp is small group personal training that is affordable. It’s an 8 week intense program that is designed to burn the most calories and fat. Its high energy and keeps you moving. And it gets REAL results. On average people lose 1 ½-3 inches off their waist in just the first MONTH.

Current Groups

5 am   MON, WED, FRI

6am    MON, WED, FRI

9 am   MON, WED, FRI

10 am  MON, WED, FRI

6 pm    MON, WED, THURS


The Next Beach Body bootcamp starts January 4-3-2017

Make this the year you crush those resolutions.  

-You can do this.  

-I can help.

What makes the program work is "your held accountable" The hardest part of changing your life style for New Years resolutions is staying committed. However, with the help of your group and my coaching, you will succeed.   

What makes beach body bootcamp so great is that Personal training at a fraction of the cost.  I teach you a workout program and nutrition.